Trosnant Lodge

How we helped you, January 2024

In December 2023 the surgery:

  • Received 11,071 incoming calls
  • 7750 of these calls were answered within 2 minutes.
  • 1716 patients abandoned their call before it could be answered.
  • Our Prescription Clerks and Clinicians prescribed 20,501 medications to patients.
  • 219 referrals were made to Secondary Care services for patients needing specialist care.
  • 167 patients had a FIT note (or sick note) from one of the GP’s.
  • 406 emails or letters were sent to patients and 1742 SMS text messages were sent to patients.
  • We received 2151 emails or electronic requests.
  • 4806 appointments were booked for patients.
  • 342 of these appointments were not attended without cancellation.  Please ensure that you cancel any appointments you are unable to attend so that they can be offered to another patient.